Blue is as simple as slapping on a name tag and forgetting about it! Using Bluetooth Low-energy to connect to Blue Smart Devices and Beacon Technology. Our Smart technology is designed to enhance the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) while helping individuals and organizations combine their physical and digital social worlds. 

Our Blue Social App uses both Auto-Networking™ Technology and Bluetooth Low-Energy instead of GPS so it won’t drain your battery, which is critical for any service you want to leave on all day. Our Proprietary technology is designed to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing networking capabilities in real-life. Our software has multiple applications for both businesses, community groups and individuals.

Enhance Your Organization

Discover how you can share your business and social profile instantly at your next event, and improve networking with the auto-networking function in this video.

The Blue Smart Card can help generate leads for the company as well as keep in touch with potential clients. Besides that, we help ease introductions and recruitment, and provide the ability for potential employees to land an interview at the same time making sure that security and privacy of the users are maintained and protected.

The need for a Smart Business Card arises from the problem with traditional business cards was that the information on a paper card we receive is typically never seen again or isn’t easily stored. Our research shows us that 88% of business cards are thrown out within two weeks. The Blue’s Smart Business Card helps save cost as there is no need for printing thousands of business cards that will just be binned.

It is crucial to build a strong employer brand especially in a digital age. But even with a strong employer brand, the predominant issue is the lack of qualified candidates to build the brand. This could potentially tear the brand down. It is crucial for the business to expand its candidate reach so that it can choose from a community of talent. The inefficient talent sourcing process can be tedious, time consuming and is detrimental to the business in the long run. Why not maximize opportunities to recruit at any moment?

The key goal of Blue’s innovative technology is to assist in making interactions and in-person encounters more efficient. One problem for example is finding a niche for recruiters in networking events and real estate. The digital world, consisting of social media networks and online chat groups is a great platform to help continue the relationship online during in person brand interactions that could smoothen the hiring process of HR professionals.

Available tech solutions to recruitment problems for HR professionals

We’ve compiled a list of tech solutions to recruitment problems for HR professionals as listed below:
1. Smoothen the hiring process by utilizing products that supports NFC (Near Field Communication)
2. Let applicants scan or tap their phone to redirect them directly to the application website. A simple way to the application process can make job applications more efficient for HR professionals to receive applications
3. Become socially relevant by promoting your social network, website, online portfolio, and more!
4. Share your contact details and network outside The Blue Network seamlessly.
5. With our built-in user-encryption, your data will only be shared to authorized parties.

Networks build community and credibility while protecting privacy

Everyone is on a digital platform nowadays, and it is strange if someone didn’t have any online persona or digital footprint. According to a CareerBuilder Survey published in Business News Daily, about 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates.
The biggest fear of putting ourselves online is that our sense of privacy will erode with time. Blue understands the importance of privacy in this day and age and allows you to customize profiles such that security and privacy is maintained and protected as users will have the flexibility to censor what you want the public to see and well as Bluetooth encryption. The Blue Smart card makes it easy for companies to stay connected to their customers and for customers to stay connected to any company. Simply tap your company’s assigned Blue Smart Card and share pre-selected company information such as the organization’s social media profiles, your company email, your office number, company website, personal LinkedIn and more.