Blue Smart Card

Introducing the Best Smart Business Card in the World

The world’s smartest business card integrated with Blue’s proprietary technology, the Blue Smart Card. Instantly share social media networks, contact information, payment information and weblinks with a simple tap of the Blue Smart Card. And best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue Social app to receive your information and add you to their contacts!

What are Smart Business Cards?

Our Blue Smart Card is a reprogrammable business card that makes it easy to stay connected to people you meet on-the-go. Nowadays, we prefer to first share our social media instead of our phone numbers when we meet someone new. Sharing all your social media accounts is time consuming and most of us are unable to share our multiple online platforms at once. Depending on your industry, you may want to share your LinkedIn account, Instagram, TikTok or Youtube channel and with the Blue Smart Card you can do it with ONE EASY TAP!

The Business Card Reinvented™

Share all of your contact details and get real-time data analytics. Blue Smart Card does not require a mobile app and uses NFC technology. Our product is compatible with all NFC compatible Smartphones and works with both Android and IOS. 

Instant Contact

Instantly transfer your contact details

Patented Technology


No App Required

Share with others outside of The Blue Network™

Get Paid to Be Social

Affiliate Program – 15% monthly/referral


Promote your social networks, websites & more

User Encryption

Only authorized parties can access your data

Unlimited Taps

The Blue Smart Card will last up to 100,000 taps

Revolutionary Tech

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Share Everything!

Networking Made Easy

Embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology the Blue Smart Card will trigger a link to your personalized Blue profile. When tapped against a smartphone or device you can quickly tap “Add to Contacts” and instantly be added to the phone’s contacts. 

Items you may add to your Blue Smart Card include, but are not limited to, Email Address, Phone Number, Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, Apple Music, Website, Custom Link and more coming soon…